The Island of Roatan

Coco View

Coco View, our no-frills accommodations, looked pretty at sunset.

Welcome to beautiful and relaxing SCUBA diving around Coco View resort on Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras. We dove. A lot. I hope you'll find the following images compelling. As always, I had a ball making them. Thanks for visiting.

Sunset Over Coco View

While not as spectacular (or expensive) as the overwater bungalows in places like French Polynesia, Coco View offered these charming mimics.

There is nothing, in fact, spectacular about Coco View. But if their goal is functional and no-frills, convenient diving -- and lots of it -- they are exceeding expectations.

The place was always clean, the food decent and ample. They were very well organized and made sure on the first day that guests were oriented well and safely to the diving.

Great Diving

But they also made sure guests understood the many non-diving opportunities on the island, like ultra-light plane rides, swimming with dolphins, the singles' hotspots and such.

And the service, from the divemasters to the cooks, was excellent.

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